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About us

NLH Partnership was founded in 2006, to offer high-quality research, evaluation, training and support to public sector and not-for-profit organisations.  Since its inception, the organisation has successfully delivered more than 60 research, evaluation and consultation projects, and supported numerous organisations with understanding and effectively measuring the impacts and outcomes of their work.

NLH Partnership has a core team and also draws on the expertise of a number of Associates Consultants and Researchers.   

NLH Partnership is led by its Director, Nigel Lloyd, a qualified social researcher with almost 20 years’ experience of conducting high-quality social research, evaluation, consultancy and development work. Nigel is also a highly experienced developer and deliverer of training.

The team at NLH Partnership has extensive experience in a wide range of policy and research areas, including early years, social care,  education, employment and training, and health improvement.  

We work in a close, collaborative way with our clients, and pride ourselves on the high quality of our work, and the high levels of satisfaction that our clients report. 

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 Our Team


Nigel Lloyd - Director and Principal Consultant

Nigel Lloyd is NLH Partnership’s Director and Principal Researcher.  He is a hugely experienced social researcher, evaluator, trainer, and consultant.    Nigel began his research career teaching a range of topics, including research methodology and statistical analysis to university undergraduates.  He has almost 20 years’ experience of conducting social research and evaluation, and is a highly-skilled researcher, with expertise in the use of a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods and methodologies.  

Nigel is an outcomes measurement specialist, and leads NLH Partnership’s impacts and outcomes measurement work.  He has particular expertise in outcomes measurement for Children’s Centres, services for children and families, health promotion and improvement programmes, and community-focused, multi-agency initiatives.  Prior to forming NLH Partnership, Nigel spent four years at Birkbeck College working for the National Evaluation of Sure Start, first as a researcher, and later as a National Coordinator. 

Nigel has been responsible for designing, conducting and successfully completing dozens of social research projects, working with a wide range of clients.  These include a large number of Children’s Centre partnerships and local authorities across England, as well as numerous health, voluntary and community sector clients.


Andy Simpson – Associate Consultant

Andy is a hugely experienced practitioner, manager and leader, with particular expertise in developing and managing complex, multi-agency services.  He began his working life as a secondary school teacher, before spending a number of years working as a specialist social worker and service manager with children and young people with disabilities.  He is a former National Chair of the Shared Care Network. 

Andy spent 11 years working as a Strategic Manager with Sure Start Local Programmes and Children’s Centres, and developed a network of 6 Children’s Centres with over 100 staff and a complex array of multi-agency services.  He has particular expertise in effectively managing change within organisations.  Andy served for 3 years on the DfE Children’s Centre Leader’s National Reference Group and was also a member of the Key Partners Group of the Government’s Social Work Taskforce.

Andy has also worked as a social work consultant, practice teacher and lecturer. He is an experienced and engaging trainer, facilitator and workshop leader.


Sarah McIlroy - Associate Consultant

Sarah is a school improvement specialist with more than 12 years’ experience of working to support schools in identifying and implementing strategies for raising standards and narrowing the gap in achievement and attainment.

With a particular expertise in mathematics, Sarah has vast experience of working with schools to support the leadership and management of school improvement and curriculum development, and to support them in delivering National Curriculum requirements.  Prior to becoming a School Improvement Consultant, Sarah taught across all primary age ranges, undertaking the role of mathematics subject leader and Primary National Strategy Mathematics Leading Teacher.

Sarah is an effective communicator and hugely experienced trainer.  A particular strength is her ability to work collaboratively with partners to support their continual progress and to identify areas for development and effective strategies for improvement.

She is a National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) Professional Development Accredited Lead and AQA trainer for Primary Mathematics.


Melona Headley - Associate Consultant

Melona is an Equality and Diversity specialist with more than 6 years’ experience of working as an Equality and Diversity consultant.  She has worked with a range of organisations in the private, public and voluntary sectors to provide expert advice and guidance to senior organisational leaders, and uses innovative approaches to embed Equality and Diversity policy throughout organisations, ensuring compliance and best practice.  Key areas of Melona’s Equality and Diversity expertise include research, policy development and implementation, organisational change management, and conducting Equality and Diversity impact assessments. 

Melona is an effective communicator with 10 years’ experience of delivering high-quality training to a range of clients.  She is also a skilled and experienced social researcher.


Ray Easton - Associate Consultant

Ray has over 15 years working on business support and training in the Early Years and Childcare sector. He has worked extensively with central government offices delivering policy implementation and practical advice to local authorities on sufficiency duties, sustainability, business support, free entitlement delivery offers, single finding formula and childcare market development strategies.

Over the past few years Ray has supported many local authorities on market development strategies, business support and training, free entitlement and single funding formula implementation, alongside Children’s Centre sustainability support. He has a wealth of experience in developing business systems specifically designed for committee-managed settings to improve their business skills and sustainability chances.

Ray is an operations management strategy professional with a wide experience of working in commercial businesses to deliver profit improvement consultancy, and has worked internationally on business development projects.