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For many years, Children's Centres have been telling us that they need a set of high-quality tools to help them measure the difference that they make.  Those tools are finally here.

What is the Children's Centre Outcomes Tracking Toolkit?

The Children’s Centre Outcomes Tracking Toolkit is a set of high quality, easy to use outcomes measurement tools designed specifically for Children’s Centres.  The Toolkit is the product of almost 2 years of collaborative work between NLH Partnership and several partner Children’s Centres.  It allows Children’s Centres to quickly, easily, robustly and effectively measure the impacts and outcomes of their work with families. 

It is suitable for use with all families accessing Children’s Centre services, and is especially useful for measuring the difference that Children’s Centre support has made to ‘priority’ and ‘target’ families, including those families in receipt of targeted support.

The development of the Toolkit is based on our belief that:

  • There is a much easier way to measure impacts and outcomes than the range of tools that many Children’s Centres currently use
  • Measuring impacts and outcomes doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be systematic and rigorous 
  • Many Children’s Centres would benefit from a simple, high-quality, easy-to-use, set of outcomes measurement tools, tailored to the specific needs of Children’s Centres

Building on our many years of experience designing bespoke outcomes measurement tools and toolkits for individual Children’s Centres, we wanted to develop a simple and effective Toolkit that all Children’s Centres could access.

The Children’s Centre Outcomes Tracking Toolkit is a high-quality, validated, easy-to-use outcomes tool that all Children’s Centres can use.


How does the Toolkit work?

The Toolkit allows Centres to measure outcomes across the full range of Children’s Centre delivery and priority areas.  It includes two core ‘Tools’:

  • A set of short, validated, quantitative Impact Scales completed by parents/carers
  • A set of qualitative Practitioner Rating Scales completed by staff and practitioners

We’ve worked closely with Children’s Centres to develop a set of tools that meets their specific needs, and the result is a Toolkit that allows Children’s Centres to capture outcomes evidence about key indicators such as parents’ parenting capacity, children’s level of development, parents’ levels of self-esteem, and parents’ abilities to make choices that support their child’s physical health and well-being.


How much does the Toolkit cost?

Costs for the Toolkit vary depending on the size of your Centre and the number of team members who will need to be trained to use the Toolkit.  However, we've kept costs as low as possible in order to make the Toolkit accessible to all Children's Centres.

Discounts are available for groups and clusters of Children's Centres.

Children's Centres pay a small annual license fee in order to use the Toolkit.  In addition, Children's Centre team members need to attend a Toolkit training session in order to be trained and accredited to use the Toolkit.   


Further information

For further information about licensing or costs please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0207 7292206.

Download an information sheet here.